Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I love Texas slogans.

Here is a few Texas slogans that make me laugh:
1. Don't mess with Texas.
2. Remember the Alamo.
3. Every thing is bigger in Texas.
3. State of the arts.
4. It's like a whole other country.
I like how they don't want you to mess with their state even though their state battle record is 0-1. "Every thing is bigger in Texas", really? They want to brag about being an obese state. I guess in Texas' eyes being known for taxidermy allows them to be the "state of the arts". Now, I will agree with one of their slogans-they are whole other country in so many "special" ways. Please keep in mind, I'm not Texas bashing-I'm just admiring their beliefs.

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Brent H said...

State battle record 0-1? Where are you getting that? The Texas freedom fighters managed to defeat a Mexican army many times their size to win that war. Even at the Alamo it took 2400 Mexican troops 13 days to overrun the 160-250 opposing them.

I can tell you've never tried to drive across the state, and probably aren't aware that the state capitol building is larger than the US capitol, among many other examples.

Take a look at the level of the art museums and the number of musicians and actors coming out of the state.

Wideyed Thoughts? More like tunnel vision. Do some research before you make comments that reflect so poorly on yourself.